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can virtual friends eva be real friends?

I have a lot of time to sit and think about all the diferent people I chat to. Internet chatting is nothing new to me. After my marriage ended I started using the old msn chatrooms a lot being home with 3 kids it wasnt easy to get out and meet people! I actually met my current partner that way!

Didnt always go well! I have met my fair share of players and learnt from it! So I know that we cant always believe what is said to us on the net. Id like to think Im pretty good at weeding the players out. But I do take what is said to me with a pinch of salt at times!I do think tho there are some really lovely genuine people on here and Im pleased to have some of them in my circle. But after letting my gaurd down slightly its now firmly back up!!

Iam not a nieve young kid and I know not everyone can be believed at all times.!! But hopefully my circle friends will all turn out to be honest and real! If they arnt then easy they wont stay here!!!


is it so bad to want just 1 friend...someone to talk to when im feeling low...someone to cheer me up when im sad..someone to tell me im a nice person! i just want that connection with someone, some one who will support me and let me support them too.  someone to bring a smile to my face. someone that actually wants to spare some of their time to talk to me not neccessarly face to face  but even just the odd message or txt. some one who wont judge me by my appearance...size...wot labels in wearing etc. someone who is willing to get to know the real me!

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